Davey Jackson, Capoeira

 Davey Jackson (Profesor Brucutu)

Eugene Capoeira is a branch of CTE Capoeiragem under the leadership of Professor Brucutu (Davey Jackson).  Professor Brucutu has over 18 years of experience in Capoeira and has been teaching in the Eugene area for the past 10 years. Eugene Capoeira is sanctioned by CTE Capoeiragem USA by Mestre (Master) Dilaho from Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil. Professor Brucutu has made multiple trips to Bahia Brazil, the spiritual homeland of Capoeira, to compete and expand his knowledge base.  The CTE Capoeiragem association was created in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil by Mestre Balão. CTE Capoeiragem seeks to preserve the Brazilain martial art of Capoeira Contemporânea, and to spread Afro-Brazilian art and culture throughout the world.

Kids’ Capoeira class Tuesdays 5:15-6:15pm; Adults & teens all levels Capoeira Tuesdays 6:30-9pm. 

Location: Celebration Belly Dance and Yoga studios, 1840 Willamette St, Eugene OR 97401.

email davey.jackson@gmail.com  or see http://www.eugenecapoeira.org/