Rhythm and Zen Dance

Rhythm & Zen is a dance class that incorporates mindfulness through dancing, sitting meditation, with writing and discussion to follow. My purpose is to teach you how to access your intuition through movement and subsequent stillness. When we dance, we gain clarity and insight and our bodies feel fabulous. Exercise is one of the goals, but not the end result. You will certainly get a great work out, but the main focus will be staying present for the experience, letting go of any self-judgment or criticism about your body, and fully enjoying yourself. When we sit in silent reflection, our minds can get quiet and clear, often with great insight coming through. Everyone can meditate. There is no one right way, and I use methods from various sources so we won’t have a set plan. We will sit quietly for 3-5 minutes, then you can journal about anything that has come up for you. We have time at the end to discuss any insights you might want to share. Our presence is a gift. Let’s share it. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Rhythm & Zen dance and meditation class, Tuesdays 9:30-10:30am, Studio B, $11-15 sliding scale. No skills needed, just bring your enthusiasm and have fun! Please bring notebook and pen. Instructor: Michelle Warner. Email rockinsupergirl@gmail.com

Location: Celebration Belly Dance and Yoga studios, 1840 Willamette St, Eugene OR 97401.