Diane Campbell–Kids’ Imagination Yoga


Imagination Yoga combines yoga with storytelling to engage kids in playful exercise while building essential skills.

Imagination Yoga gets kids moving, but it’s much more than physical exercise. Visualization and mindfulness practices help students build essential capacities like awareness, compassion, emotional regulation, critical thinking, planning, and self-esteem.

Developed in the classroom by an early childhood teacher, Imagination Yoga weaves age-appropriate yoga flows into stories to encourage kids to be fully present and engaged, both mentally and physically. This approach provides rich opportunities to help children develop essential skills like self-awareness, empathy, visualization, confidence, and mental flexibility while simultaneously building stronger, healthier bodies. Learn more about Imagination Yoga at imaginationyoga.com, or visit Eugene Imagination Yoga at eugeneimaginationyoga.com.

Imagination Yoga for Kids classes are on Sundays in studio B, with groupings by age:

ages 2–3, two sessions to choose from: 10:15–10:35am OR 12:10-12:30pm (short sessions keep it fun for tiny ones!)
ages 4–7 10:45–11:15am
ages 8–12 11:25–12pm

Diane Campbell has been working with children and practicing yoga for most of her adult life. She is an Oregon TSPC-certified PK-12 teacher who completed the Waldorf School teacher training in Eugene, Oregon, in 2001 and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Pacific University in 2008. She came to Imagination Yoga in her search for ways to support children’s emotional and physical well-being, setting them up for success in school and throughout life.

Diane has worked with children of all ages, both in schools and at home. She is excited to offer Imagination Yoga to the Eugene community, cultivating calm, focus, awareness, and empathy in our children. Diane recognizes the importance of these qualities in building a firm foundation for lifelong success, happiness, and healthy relationships.