Jerrica Raemer–Yoga

Jerrica Raemer: Beginner Yoga

Instructor Philosophy: Anyone can do yoga. Jerrica leads a low impact yoga class that allows students to go at their own pace and practice syncing breath with body movement. The goal of this class is to relax the mind and release tension while increasing flexibility and stamina. Jerrica believes that part of yoga is meditation, and incorporates some diaphragmatic breathing into the movement. Move easy and breathe easy while you work towards bringing the mind and body into balance.

Beginning level yoga, Wednesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm in the B side studio with Jerrica (starting 1/3/2018). Breathe easy and sync the breath with the body in this relaxing and gentle yoga movement.  This class is great for beginners and those working around past injury. Release tension with gentle movement and practice good self care with restorative yoga. This welcoming class is founded on the notion that any and all can do yoga.

Drop ins welcome. $15 per class, 4 class punch cards available for $48. Contact or call/text 425-829-0930.