Alignment Reboot: Restorative Exercise

Alignment Reboot 2018: Restorative Exercise

Description: Restorative Exercise will give insight into your body through precise, anatomically-based movement that
will reverse pain and degeneration. You will learn how to stretch more effectively to release chronically
tight areas while strengthening your whole body.
MOVING TO Wed 4:30-5:30pm, starting August 1st. Studio B.
Cost: $13.00 Drop in
$40.00 for 4 class series
$96.00 for 12 class series (3 months)
Bethany Drohmann and Joann Landon
 9-10am, studio B

Why are fitness buffs and couch potatoes contracting the same diseases, osteoarthritis, heart disease, pelvic floor conditions, stroke, diabetes, knee pain, foot pain…?  Is it just the aging process?  Restorative Exercise will show you another viewpoint.   As seen on the Today Show, linked below,, moving differently with attention to biomechanical principles restores your cells back to health.  This class will teach you the simple exercises while also relating the basic bio-mechanical principles found in the new bestseller, Dynamic Aging, by Katy Bowman.  This is a whole body approach, beginning with our foundation (our feet!) and working our way up.  You will learn the alignment basics that can be applied to everyday movement to promote healing and overall health. Bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.  Good for all ages!

Joann Landon is a Restorative Exercise Specialist, CPT.,  who is eager to share her passion for Nutritious Movement NM.  She comes from a public school teaching background and discovered Restorative Exercise when aches and pains began to impact her daily life while in her 50’s.  She found the classes at the Restorative Exercise Institute (now Nutritious Movement NM) so compelling she decided to take the training in 2007.  She certified in 2011 and began teaching classes and workshops as well as giving private sessions.  Her goal in teaching is to empower students to improve their health and mobility through simple exercises and the knowledge of alignment based on basic scientific principles.