Sabine–TRIBAL belly dance, sword dance, and Turkish belly dance

Sabine (Kathy Forrester) is the owner of Celebration Belly Dance and Yoga studios. She is a dance artist who has studied Middle Eastern Dance since 1988, and has been performing tribal style belly dance since 1999. She honors the roots of ATS (American Tribal Style) Belly dance in her tribal belly dance classes, with troupe Tribalation! and with student troupe, Sister Celebration and advanced student troupe, Azhaar. Dancers are taught how to cue and follow movements in an improvisational yet synchronous manner, creating beautiful dance energy on the stage and in the studio.

Sabine is active in producing dance and cultural events in Oregon. She teaches weekly classes at multiple levels, and travels to teach sword dance intensives and workshops in sword, Tribal, and Cabaret style belly dance.  Sabine performs as a soloist and with troupe “Tribalation!” She is also available for private lessons in sword dance, double sword, tribal belly dance, Turkish dance,  Egyptian belly dance, veil, and more.  Sabine is teaching the following classes; each 6-week session is $65 for 6 classes. Ask about class cards for multiple-class discounts. New classes start approximately every 6 weeks. Email for details, questions, or registration information!


In 2018, Sabine will be teaching at the following events:

Reigning Down on Oregon in Salem, OR

Tri-Cities, WA

Sword Dance Intensive in Boston, MA


Check here for information about upcoming performances.


Beginner Level 1-1.5 Tribal Belly Dance, Mondays 5:30-6:40pm (new sessions start approximately every 6 weeks). A beginner class for those new to bellydance or new to tribal style. Learn steps and combinations, posture, and lead-and-follow tribal bellydance concepts. $65/6 weeks; drop in for $13 if space is available.

 Level 2 and level 2.5 Tribal Belly Dance, Mondays 6:50-8pm. 12 weeks; each 6 weeks is $65 (drop in $13 if space is available) or ask about a class card. Starts approximately every 12 weeks. For those with level 1 experience or previous belly dance experience–learn more new combinations, shimmy technique, basic group formations, zils, slow movements, and basic lead switches.

Level 3 and 3.5 Tribal Belly Dance, Mondays 8:10pm-9:20pm. Focus on leading and changing formations, while you also learn new step combinations. Continue to improve speed and prowess with zils, shimmies, and layered movements.  Prior experience with tribal improvistaion required for this class; level 1 and 2 or equivalent. 12 weeks; each 6 weeks is $65, drop in $13 if space is available, or ask about class card.

Wednesdays level 4-5 Tribal Belly Dance, 7pm-8:10pm.  Focus on layered movements and more complex combinations, fast zils and zil patterns, leading and following improvisational dance sets. Strong skills in level 1-3 movements, zils, shimmies, and leading is required. Optional performance opportunities are available with Sister Celebration dance troupe.  12 month session; $65 per 6 weeks, or ask about class card.

Advanced tribal bellydance/performance troupe: Azhaar. Wednesdays 8:20-9:30pm, by audition from level 4-5 class.  Work with members of troupe “Tribalation!” on advanced technique, performance sets, layered combinations, staging, costuming, projecting on stage, connecting with partners, and more, in the context of performance preparation.

Email for more information.

See for Sabine’s photo gallery and videos.

Check out museum-quality prints of a painting of Sabine’s sword dance, by Denise Steele!


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