Taiji & Qigong

scotthuettetinyTaiji & Qigong are gentle and effective methods of improving and maintaining health. Their benefits are developed through awareness of body alignments, low impact movement, and energy cultivation. They can help to relieve physical, emotional and mental tension and stress and pave the way to self-healing.

 Saturdays 10:30am-12pm, studio B
Scott Huette teaches Wu Style Taiji and a variety of related Qigong sets, including Taiji and Qigong Circling Hands, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth, and Gods Playing in the Clouds. New students start by learning the Circling hands set and then move on to more advanced routines based on their skill and interest.
The Wu Style Taiji Short Form consists of 27 movements and is an excellent place to start learning Taiji. It can be performed in less than 5 min and requires only a small amount of space. It is ideal as an introduction to Taiji or as an adjunct to other martial arts practices. It provides the majority of Taiji’s health benefits and contains the basic concepts of Taiji as a martial art.
For more information about Taiji with Scott visit http://blackturtlestudio.com/