What is “classic” belly dance?

Primarily drawn from Egyptian Raks Sharki, with American Cabaret influences, in this sassy style the dancer translates and highlights the music with her movements, using core isolations, crisp hip lifts and drops, smooth arm movements, shimmies and more. We often use Egyptian music (traditional or modern), and dress with sparkly beads or coins, sometimes with finger cymbals (zills, sagat). The dancer may incorporate a veil into herperformance, as popularized by American dancers in the 70’s, or she might include sword, wings of isis, cane or other props!

Check out these examples of classic, vintage and modern belly dance: Souzana Vintage Orientale Belly Dance Performance

Sabine’s cane dance (Raks Assaya) and drum solo


Amira Jade teaches mixed-level belly dance Sundays at 7pm

Souzana teaches Classic Belly Dance at Celebration Studio on Wednesdays! More info here.

Zahia Izzah teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays!


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