Souzana: Classic and Modern Belly Dance!


Belly Dance Classes with Souzana Belly Dance: Intermediate Belly Dance Wednesdays 5:45-6:56pm (Studio A) Beginner FUNdamentals  Wednesdays 7-8pm (Studio B) .

FUNdamentals & Beginner Belly Dance

Wednesdays 7-8pm B Side Studio

$40 a month for 4-class sessions, $12 drop-in. Pre-registration required.

In this ongoing class, you’ll learn the FUNdamental belly dance moves in a fun and supportive atmosphere and will also be introduced to playing finger cymbals and dancing with a three-yard veil. This is great for anyone wanting a review of the basics or learning for the very first time.  Contact Souzana at or call (541) 357-7418.



 INTERMEDIATE Belly Dance Wednesdays 5:45-6:45pm, studio A

Intermediate classes with Souzana will push you beyond the basics and into more challenging, complex body movement that require greater control and coordination. In this class you will continue exploring finger cymbal technique and patterns, work on identifying and dancing to various rhythms, additional FUNdamental dance technique, layering concepts, turns, and spins, transitions, combos, and choreography in this ongoing class.  Occasional performance opportunities may be available.
​Intermediate Belly Dance
Wednesdays,5:45-6:45pm at Celebration Studio
$40 a month for 4-classes or $12 drop-in.

Souzana has over 12 years of continuous teaching experience and has taught belly dance to hundreds of women, children, even a few men and has also taught students of all shapes, sizes, and ages ranging from 2- 82! Come as your are. Souzana welcomes you to her class.

Her belly dance classes are designed to teach students the skills necessary to develop the strength, posture, muscle awareness, and mind-body connection to learn the art of belly dancing! While in class with Souzana, you will learn FUNdamental movements that include isolations, basic steps, turns, shimmies and arm positions.


Souzana has been dancing since the age of nine, and has also studied Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Latin, Polynesian, and West African . In the late 90s, she began her study of belly dance at Kismet in Salt Lake City under the direction of Yasamina. She has since devoted her life to learning, performing and teaching this ancient art form. Souzana’s love of dance, art, and life shine through in both her teaching and her dancing. Whether she is performing a choreographed piece, or an improvisational work, her passion shows, and her dancing is always elegant, regal, and emotive. Her love of her work combined with her accepting spirit, inspires her students not only to work hard so that they may grow as dancers and performers, but also to remember to love and enjoy themselves along the way

Contact Souzana at  (541) 357-7418.


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