Special Events

 New Class!  Imagination Yoga for Kids starts Feb 18th!
Diane Campbell leads this special class to get kids moving and inspired.

Imagination Yoga gets kids moving, but it’s much more than physical exercise. Visualization and mindfulness practices help students build essential capacities like awareness, compassion, emotional regulation, critical thinking, planning, and self-esteem.
Sundays in studio B, with classes by age group:  ages 2–3 choose section 10:15–10:35am or 12:10-12:30pm, ages 4–7 10:45–11:15am, ages 8–12 11:25–12pm, ages 2-3 12:10pm-12:30pm.  Email diane@eugeneimaginationyoga.com;  www.eugeneimaginationyoga.com 

New: Enhanced Strength and Conditioning with Brian Proctor

Enhance Strength & Conditioning combines numerous weightlifting and calisthenic training methods designed to meet the fitness goals of each participant. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist & Personal Trainer Brian Proctor instructs the workouts, which are offered as group or private training. Private or group lessons, studio B.

More info here. 


New Class: Alignment Reboot & Restorative Exercise with Joann and Bethany

Restorative Exercise will give insight into your body through precise, anatomically-based movement that
will reverse pain and degeneration. You will learn how to stretch more effectively to release chronically
tight areas while strengthening your whole body.
Tuesdays 9-10am
Cost: $13.00 Drop in
$40.00 for 4 class series
$96.00 for 12 class series (3 months)
Bethany Drohmann and Joann Landon