You too can learn to belly dance!


We offer  classic belly dance, tribal belly dance , and contemporary fusion belly dance classes, plus workshops in Turkish style, sword dance, veil, step combinations, and more!  Haven’t you always wanted to belly dance?  Teachers Sabine  Souzana, Razia and Regina Anne can show you how. Also check our Special Events page for belly dance workshops!


Tribal Belly dance with Sabine of Tribalation! troupeholdhands

Tribal Belly dance is a fun, energetic dance that fuses traditional Middle Eastern dance movements with a little flamenco, African, Indian, and other influences, within an improvisational group format that is fun and empowering! More information here. New classes start about every 6 weeks!

 Beginner level 1  Tribal Belly Dance with Sabine Mondays 5:30-6:40pm,  6 weeks/$65.

Level 2 & 2.5 tribal belly dance with Sabine Mondays 6:50-8pm, 12 weeks, each 6 week session is $65.

Level 3 & 3.5 tribal belly dance (Intermediate) Wednesdays 7pm-8:10pm.  Email for details. Occasional studio performance opportunities. 12 weeks; each 6 week session is $65. or ask about a 10-class card.

Level 4 & 5 tribal belly dance with Sabine (Intermediate/Advanced) Wednesdays 8:20-9:30. Student performance opportunities for troupe “Sister Celebration.”

Student Performance troupe “Azhaar” (by invitation only) biweekly Thursdays 8:00-9:30pm

Email  to sign up or for more information.

All 6-week sessions with Sabine & Tribalation! are $65 per 6 week session, or $13 per class drop in (space allowing), or buy a 10- class card for level 2 & up ($110/10 classes). Pre-registration required for beginner sessions. New sessions start approximately every 6 weeks.

souzanazils2014Classic & Modern Belly Dance with Souzana!

Discover what belly dance can do for you!  Regular participation in belly dance can lead to improved fitness, firming and toning of all major muscle groups, better circulation, lubrication of joints, increased joint flexibility and stress reduction, relief from pain and symptoms associated with arthritis, increased suppleness and correction of postural alignment.  In addition to these physiological benefits, students report that through belly dance they become much more comfortable with their bodies, have better overall self-esteem, gain a heightened sense of elegance, grace, and poise, feel happier and have less stress.


Beginning Belly Dance Classes, Thursdays, 5:30-6:25pm

Total Beginner Belly Dance  with Souzana Belly Dance (Jan, Apr, July, Oct) & FUNdamentals (Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec) $40 a month/4-class session, $15 drop-in. Pre-registration required. Total Beginner Belly Dance is offered 4 times a year/once a quarter in Jan, April, July, and Oct. Total Beginner is perfect for those who are brand new to dance or for those who like a pace that’s a little more relaxed. In the FUNdamentals class you’ll continue to work on fundamental belly dance moves in a fun and supportive atmosphere. You will also be introduced to playing finger cymbals and dancing with a three-yard veil. This is great for anyone wanting a review of the basics or learning for the very first time. Souzana has over 12 years of continuous teaching experience and has taught belly dance to hundreds of women (and a few men) of all shapes, sizes, and ages 2- 82!  Email: or call  (541) 357-7418.

Focused Belly Dance with Souzana Belly Dance, Thursdays, 6:30-7:45pm, $45 for a month/4-class session, $15 drop-in. Please pre-register to reserve your spot. This ongoing class changes its focus monthly, rotating through technique and topics such as: turn and spins, traveling steps, elegant arms and hands, shimmies, rhythms, stage craft, improvisation, props, choreography and more! Although it’s geared toward intermediate dancers, beginner and advanced dancers are welcome too!  Email: or call  (541) 357-7418.

Souzana’s Performing Student Troupe Rehearsal

Usually on 2nd Sundays 1:15-3:15pm but subject to change, $15.  This time is set aside for performing troupe members who need extra instruction or rehearsal time, to make-up a missed troupe class, and extra rehearsals for upcoming performances. Must be a member of student troupe to attend.

Contact Souzana at for other class offerings, to find out about her student troupe, and special workshops! Need extra help or one-on-one attention?  Ask Souzana about private lessons.

Souzana Belly Dance will be offering additional classes on another day starting this Fall!  Check back for details.


Regina Anne:  sacred fusion belly dance! 

Regina’s fusion classes are returning in August! Tuesdays starting August 4th, 6:45-8pm in our new “B side” studio 208. For more information, email



Razia Star Belly Dance: Classic Cabaret and Modern Egyptian style belly dance



Beginner’s Bellydance

Beginner’s Belly Dance Day/Time: Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30am   OR   5:45-6:45pm

Dates: July 1st – Aug. 26th (no class Aug. 5th)

Location: Celebration Belly Dance and Yoga Studio (1840 Willamette St, Eugene, Oregon)

Cost: $80.00 for the 8-week session, registration required

Discover the magic of belly dance! Belly dance is a low-impact, high-FUN dance form that women of

all ages have been enjoying for centuries. Benefits of learning to belly dance include improved

posture, strength, flexibility and grace, and a huge boost in body confidence. This class will introduce

students to the technique, muscle isolations, steps, and musical/cultural elements that make up the

foundation of this unique Middle Eastern art. Total beginners are welcome! Class size is limited so

register early to avoid disappointment. Contact Razia at or 541-232-5632 to register.


Advanced Dancers Class

Day/Time: Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm (now on a new day!)

Dates: June 30th- July 28th

Cost: $75 for the 5-week course or $20 drop-in

Aimed at the experienced belly dance student and performer, this class will provide a weekly workout

for body and mind. Revolving class topics will include: dance conditioning, technique drills,

combinations, prop work, choreography, improvisation exercises, expression, and musicality— all

within the framework of Oriental/Egyptian/Cabaret style of belly dance.  Basic level of proficiency

with zills and veil will be assumed—please bring them to each class just in case!

Level – 5 yrs +

Contact Razia at or 541-232-5632 to register.

Contact: Razia at or 541-232-5632 or see




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